Short Hairstyles With Lowlights

Short hairstyles with lowlights can make one look very trendy and fashionable if done in a superb way. Lowlighting is a great way of adding dimension and depth to short hair. In most cases, blondes and women with brown hair colour are the ones who are ideal candidates for lowlighting as those who have hair that is naturally black find it hard getting a darker color. Deep-conditioning treatment at home is advisable before going for lowlighting if the hair is less than the desirable shape.

Ideally, short hairstyles with lowlights can be done in all colours whereby the hair stylist may choose to paint the hair in a color that is red, auburn or even black depending on one’s preferences. it is done by choosing thin to thick strands of hair and painting them two shades darker than the rest of the hair. In order to maintain a natural looking colour, the hair stylist should stick to a shade that is not more than 2-3 shades darker than the natural hair colour.

Lowlights will not only give the hair revitalisation and a break from all the high-lift action associated with long hair but they are also a great way to blend short greying hair in a subtle manner for the redheads, blondes and brunettes. If done with utmost knowledge, the greying hair can be skilfully disguised.

Lowlights for short hairstyles are ideal for women of all ages who want to look good. A good stylist will always make short hairstyles with lowlights look more natural for better blending. Looks that are natural range from a combination of both warm and cool tones whereby those tones that are deeper are placed subtly. Lowlighting is a special technique that requires a professional hair dresser, therefore should not be done at home by an individual.


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